3D Routing is an important aspect in the modern day sign industry. Graphic designers see the importance of 3D signs, 3D letters, 3D sign backgrounds and features that have a third dimension for that added impact and touch of class. Your 3D signs can also be finished in a variaty of different methods to give your 3D sign that WOW factor. We can even create a 3D gold sign or 3D gold letters. Cutting 3D shapes of all kinds are carried out to meet our customer’s needs. Acrylic Letters and Acrylic shapes in various thicknesses, Aluminium Lettering, Timber panels and Timber Lettering, Multipanel, Polyurethane Foam, Foamed PVC, Foamex, Forex, ACP, Brass, expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), Engraving substrates, laminated sheets, plywood routing.

A CNC router is a computer controlled shaping and cutting machine using CAD or CAM software.
It is used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics, and foams. It is one of many kinds of tools that have CNC variants. A CNC router is very similar in concept to a CNC milling machine.

We have 3 x Multi Cam 3000 which handle the bulk of our signage and engraving work.

Our CNC routers produce consistent and high-quality work. Ultra Signs is able to produce 3 dimensional signs to your satisfaction. Formed lettering and logos add impact and differentiate your signage project from the competition. With the vast numbers of vinyl based sign shops the call now is for more complex signage with added "depth". Formed lettering and logos are easy to install they share the same cup & peg system which is used for our flat cut acrylic lettering products.

CNC Routing Textures and Patterns

CNC Texture is a highly sought after and popular 3D surface design. It is mainly used as a wall texture for window displays, reception halls, exhibition stands, offices and boardrooms. For the home owners the texures have been turned into headboards, plasma screen wall units, bar counters and cupboard doors. We are able to texture materials such as MDF and Valcromat.

Screen Designs have many purposes such as room dividers, partitioning, cladding for walls, doors, ceilings and counters. Designers have also used screens to create hanging artwork, light boxes and added them to mirrors for a creative look. Ultra Signs uses a variety of different screens for Signage Backdrops etc.
All our designs can be cut from MDF, Valchromat and ply.

See samples below.


Although White foam PVC lettering can be used externally we generally recommend that you use acrylic for most exterior projects- acrylic colours are more stable and fade resistant.
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