Fabricated signs fall into a very broad spectrum which includes all signs manufactured from metal or plasics and formed to a specific method. Our fabrication department contains a group of highly skilled carftsmen to ensure that all our signage is engineered and manufactured to the highest standard and safety. Ultra Signs utialises a wide array of machinery needed for standard to complex sign manufacture. We specialize in in aluminium, aluminium composite, stainless steel, Perspex or acrylic products and we use the latest in welding and bonding methods.

We manufacture a wide array of projecting sign systems which is generally a sign that projects or protrudes from a building at an angle, normally 90 degrees. Most are manufactured out of aluminium or steel, the fabricated style is to have an internal frame and to clad it with aluminium trays giving a strong modern clean appearance which is able to take the worst of the Cape Town weather. Most if not all our signs are illuminated using a variety of different methods. The more common is LED strip lighting which is by far the most reliable and cost effective in the long run.

We Specialize in the following:

Industrial & Corporate Signage
Illuminated Boxes
LED Halo and Strip Lighting
CNC Routing 3D Letters
Build Up Lettering
Retail Shop Facias
Lobby Directories
Industrial Safety Signs
Modular Interchangeable Systems
Stencil Cut Trays - illuminated
Perspex Lettering
Engraving and Plaques
Foam Cut Letters
Stainless Steel Lettering
Projecting Signs - Shop Fronts

Ultra Signs has also constructed and manufactured Monolith or Pylon signs, which are free standing signs that tend to be tall and slim and viewed from all angles. We can manufacture single or double sided, flat or curved sign faces with or without illumination. Pylon signs are designed to be viewed from a distance and make an impact from far away. They are normally made from a mild steel internal frame and aluminium or stainless steel casing.

They are usually illuminated by florescent tubes as these are cheap to buy, but in a changing world where more environmentally friendly products are requested you can illuminate them via LED Strip Lighting. Although the initial cost of LED’s is high compared with florescent tubes you can get your money back via the low electricity consumption the LED’s use over a period of time.

When it comes to Flat cut or 3D Built up lettering, we are confident that you won't find a manufacturer with a better quality and service. We have a large team of dedicated and skilled letter builders which have perfected the art of 3D lettering as well as the latest Laser and CNC router technologies.We can manufacture the most complex of fonts and logos with a wide range of specialist materials. Many of our customers with high end clients tend to opt for materials such as gold, bronze, polished or brushed stainless steel, or patterned stainless steel which looks amazing and very unique. Our letter building facilities mean we can manufacture from the very small to the extremely large 3D Built up letters.

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Cel +27 82 900 1135
Email info@ultrasigns.co.za Address 10 Wallflower Street
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