Illuminated signs are one of the most effective ways to get a company name or promotional message noticed and this is why they are commonly used as shop signs or advertising signs. There are various types of illumination a sign can have, such as: backlit, face-lit, edge-lit and halo lit signs illuminated using the latest LED lighting techniques or traditional tube illumination if required. LED Halo illuminated signs can be custom made into virtually any shape or size you can imagine, from a standard through to a fully customised fret cut sign tray with push through built up letters backlit.
Essentially illuminated signs can be designed entirely from scratch for completely new concepts to meet with particular client specifications. Considerations have to be made for lightboxes illuminated only at night. Images that are turned off through the day have to look natural, but at night still need to be vivid while illuminated.

With large exterior signage, we print on both sides of flexiface banner to ensure your image looks great night and day. For internal lightboxes we print using a technique that offers the same result, but is on a rigid panel or changeable film. Permanently lit lightboxes we print using extra amounts of ink so the image is full off life when its under illumination. For larger projects with custom made illuminated LED signs, Ultra Signs offers a professional design and prototyping service for roll-out projects

Standard light boxes use either fluorescent tubes or LEDs for internal illumination. The boxes are generally made from aluminium and have a perspex or PVC banner face which allows light to pass through it. The vinyl is applied to the perspex or digitally printed on the banner material depending on the clients requirements.

We produce illuminated graphics for interior and exterior applications. Producing stunning graphics for backlit signage is quite a science. Backlit images should have vivid colour and dark shadows. We have processes and techniques to cater for all lightbox applications, whether they be for a lightbox that is mostly on, off or a mixture of both.

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Each and every sign is meticulously designed and manufactured to the highest standard and they go through a stringent testing stage. We only use the finest material available from major stockists.
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