LED Halo Lighting is one of the most popular ways in which to illuminate a sign. Halo lit individual letters and logos provide a subtle lighting effect which can be incorporated into many complicated designs. Led halo lighting is cheaper, safer and easier to work with than comparable neon light sources.

LED Halo Lit Letters
LED halo illumination is when the LED’s are placed on the inside of the face of a built up letter and illuminate back onto the wall the built up letters are mounted to and give a glow around the outside of the letter only. There is a basic range of LED colours like white, red, blue, green and amber but you can achieve almost any colours by using acrylic back trays covered in a translucent film.
The initial cost of LED’s is improving and is without a doubt the most common used lighting source in the signage industry, the initial cost may seem slightly more than expected but the costs are normally recovered in no time as the led’s only need 12 volts to run.

LED’s are without a doubt the future for lighting technology due to the environmentally friendly nature of the product, with no waste emissions and low energy cost this is a top green product.

LED Light Sheets
Our LED Light Sheet is a combination of high brightness LEDs embedded within a 3D facet cut acrylic panel. LED’s are cutting edge technology and much better for the environment and your pocket than lighting such as fluorescent tubes and neon’s.
To ensure the optimum distribution and output of light, the face of the acrylic is etched with a series of fine lines which refract the LED light outwards. Stunning with its slender 8mm profile, light weight and stylish design, Our LED Light sheet as a flat light source offers a whole range of lighting opportunities.
LED Light panels can also be produced in different colours. Contact us for more information on colour ranges.

See LED Sign our samples below


A number of different effects can be produced by using fret cut and push through clear or opal acrylic faced with either opaque acrylic, digital print or vinyl. Stand off locators can be applied to solid opaque built up letters which allow light to appear from behind the letter or logo
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